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Aja ha5-12g (ha5-12g-r0)

Aja ha5-12g (ha5-12g-r0)
Aja ha5-12g
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Aja ha5-12g (ha5-12g-r0)
HA5-12GHDMI   2.0   to   12G-SDI   ConvertersAJA's   HA5-12G   allows   users   to   convert   an   HDMI   2.0   input   to   two   12G-SDI   single   link   outputs.   It   includes   two   SDI   DA   outputs   and   transmits   12G-SDI   on   each   SDI   link,   reducing   cable   runs   when   transporting   4K/UltraHD   SDI.   HA5-12G   supports   up   to   8-Channels   of   audio   from   the   HDMI   sour  or   2-Channel   analog   audio   (RCA),   with   eight   or   two   channels   of   digital   embedded   audio   on   12G-SDI.Fiber   SFP   equipped   HA5-12G   models   are   available   (please   see   separate   listin,   including   the   HA5-12G-T   single   channel   transmitter,   which   extends   HDMI   sour  4K   signals   over   long   distans   (10   km   Single   Mode).   The   HA5-12G-2T   dual   channel   transmitter   offers   two   12G-SDI   coaxial   outputs   and   two   12G-SDI   over   Fiber   outputs   to   simultaneously   enable   HDMI   4K   sour  extension   to   multiple   locations   without   a   distribution   amplifier.Features •   Converts   HDMI   2.0   to   12G-SDI,   up   to   4K   60p •   Supports   up   to   60p   input   at   4:2:2/4:4:4/4:2:0   •   Supports   2SI   (two   sample   interleave)   4K/UltraHD   SDI   mapping •   Two   12G-SDI   outputs •   Embedded   audio   can   be   selected   from   the   HDMI   or   Analog   audio   inputs •   Fiber   SFP   models   available •   Configure   via   USB   port   and   supplied   Mini-Config   software •   Uses   5-20   VDC   power   (DWP-U-R1   universal   power   supply   included)   •   Five   year   warrantyHDRHDR,   or   High   Dynamic   Range,   provides   the   ability   to   display   a   wider   and   richer   range   of   colors,   much   blefter   whites,   and   much   deeper,   darker   blacks   than   standard   signals   allow.   This   gives   your   imagery   a   more   ‘dynamic'   look   and   allows   for   natural   true   to   life   colors   to   be   communicated   to   your   audienHA5-12G   provides   this   support   for   your   4K/UltraHD/HD   HDR   pipelines   to   HDMI   compatible   displays   by   generating   HDR   metadata   in   accordan  with   HDMI   v2.0b/CTA-861-G.   HA5-12G   also   provides   support   for   Hybrid   Log   Gamma   (HLG)   HDR   displays   over   HDMI.4K   and   UltraHDTypical   4K   signals   use   a   resolution   of   4096   x   2160   pixels   while   UltraHD   signals   measure   3840   x   2160.   This   differen  can   prevent   some   monitors   from   being   used   either   in   full   4K   workflows   or   in   UltraHD   workflows.   HA5-12G   can   compensate   for   these   resolution   differens,   allowing   UltraHD   monitors   to   be   used   in   4K   productions   and   vi  versa.HA5-12G   also   supports   High   Frame   Rate   (HFR)   inputs.   4K/UltraHD   signals   at   50   or   60   fps   can   be   fed   into   HA5-12G   and   output   at   up   to   60p   for   viewing   with   appropriate   HDMI   2.0   capable   displays.12G-SDI   SupportThe   12G-SDI   input   on   HA5-12G   allows   extremely   high   quality   signal   representation   through   to   the   HDMI   output   for   use   with   large   raster   and   deep   color   workflows   where   image   quality   is   critical.Audio   IntegrationUp   to   16-Channels   of   embedded   SDI   audio   are   supported   on   input   and   can   be   passed   to   8-Channel   of   embedded   HDMI   audio   on   the   output   with   the   ability   to   delay   the   audio   from   0   to   7   frames   for   proper   synchronization   with   the   output   video.   Two   channels   of   analog   audio   output   allow   direct   external   monitoring   without   the   need   to   disembed   the   audio   separately.DSLR   supportHA5-12G   acpts   progressive   standard   definition   signals   at   525p   and   625p   for   compatibility   with   DSLR   cameras,   allowing   the   signal   from   those   cameras   to   be   easily   incorporated   into   SDI   workflows.Universal   Power   SupplyAll   AJA   Mini-Converters   ship   with   a   universal   power   supply   that   includes   international   plug   connections   for   use   around   the   world.Compact   and   PortableAJA   Mini-Converters   are   small   enough   to   fit   behind   a   monitor,   in   the   back   of   a   rack   or   directly   on   a   camera   rig.   A   locking   power   connector   can't   accidentally &nbspaus Kunststoffll   loose   and   an   optional   P-TAP   power   cable   allows   for   battery   power   in   remote   locations.
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